We design and engineer our products to your needs, supporting you from concept to launch with global manufacturing resources. We share best practices and standardize processes across our five facilities, ensuring the same high quality to OEMs all over the world.

Compression Forming

We offer premier manufacturing capabilities in multiple compression-forming technologies:

  • Thermoplastic Dry PU
  • Thermoplastic PP/Glass
  • Thermoset Wet PU

From design to production to delivery, we help reduce launch time and costs through highly developed technical tools. Our robust launch process includes:

  • Highly controlled monitoring
  • Industry-leading tolerancing
  • Edge treatment options
    - Edgefolding
    - Edgewrapping
    - In-tool trimming
compression forming

Key Technologies

Headliner Manufacturing

Thermoplastic Forming

This industry exclusive forming simulation reduces tooling and start-up costs by fine-tuning surface and process requirements prior to tool release. 

One-Step Edge

Edge folding for thermoplastics and edge mill for thermosets offer the following benefits:

  • Allows wrapping of textile for sunroof and edges for increased craftsmanship in a one-step processing environment at a reduced cost.
  • Reduced manufacturing capital and plant space. 

EcoBond Natural
Fiber Headliner

These innovative headliners provide:

  • Soy-based polyurethane foam core, soy-based polyurethane adhesive, natural fiber reinforcement.
  • Excellent acoustic absorption performance.
  • Current Thermoset process capital processing equipment.

Interior Trim Manufacturing

We offer technologies to produce our armrests and interior trim components through several manufacturing methods: 


  • Hand Wrap, Cut and Sew
  • Vac-Form Clad
  • Negative Vac-Form (IMG)
  • Painted (Soft Touch, Bright or Body Color)
  • In-mold Decorated
trim manufacturing

Overhead System Assembly

Our overhead system assembly capabilities range from manual operations to high levels of automation. We offer flexible assembly capabilities with the ability to scale our equipment to meet customers’ needs.